I am getting ready to leave. The journey is long and in the life of a trucker its not going to be easy. Behind me is 80 tonnes that I must deliver safely.

1.  My breaking distance is longer because of my load.
 This means that  I will tend to leave a bigger gap between me and the vehicle ahead. It’s not your space to cut in immediately after you overtake me.
2. If you want to overtake me please flash your light when you see me on my side mirror that’s the only sure time that I am seeing you. Then wait for me to indicate that it’s clear to overtake. I also want you to move at a comfortable speed for you.
3. The left side is my largest blindspot especially how my side mirrors are positioned. Riders please give me an easy time by overtaking on my right side.
4. I have done my journey planning management in advance… I know where I will break for 15 mins every 200kms. I am not in any hurry am within my timeline. Don’t hurry me when you think am slow infact am 2 days ahead of my delivery timeline.
5. I also have loved ones who I want to come back to. I believe you too. So let’s share the road safely with all other road users.
6. My seat belt and all controls in this truck are functioning. Am set to go.
7. Finally, night driving comes as a superise to many. Please use your vehicle lights accordingly. Beam your lights when you have on coming traffic. Please indicate your side always to help me keep a safe distance from you helps us all to avoid head on collision accidents.
Road safety is a message of love and only those who have true love will share it with you
Let’s make our roads a safer place for all road users

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