A triangle has a flat base and a top sharp side.
If it stands on the flat base its so stable. When it stands on the sharp top side its balance is questionable.

It simply means if the top most on the triangle is given priority and good education and awareness is carried out well then the impact will be felt.

To achieve all this on pedestrian safety on the road.

1. Enforcement from authorities is a must and the only way to protect the pedestrian.

2. Understanding pedestrian roles and road safety. This is a very vital fact that has been left out and its evident on the statistics we have from #nationaltransportandsafetyauthority.

3 Pedestrian traffic lights in Kenya. We have pedestrian lights on our roads like Uhuru highway. They are a great improvement but i have seen most people especially pedestrians don’t know how to use them.

4. Pedestrian vulnerability and dangers. There is a lot of dangers that pedestrians face country wide. The motorcyclists are all over the pedestrian walkways and still hoot.

5. Always look left and right before crossing, while crossing the road. This will always ensure that you are aware of the environment you are in.

6. Always have an eye contact with other road users this is best accompanied by hand gestures and flashing of lights.

7. Always and a must. Be on bright visible clothes. Be visible to be seen.

Road safety is a message of love and only those who have true love will share it with you.

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