This is a topic that most don’t know or have never been taught.

Today I choose to to speak about it. I am not speaking as a final authority but I am speaking what I teach to new drivers.

Effective speed management helps both new and experienced drivers to:

  1. Control the vehicle well
  2. Travel Safely to their destinations
  3. Follow legal speed limits

Drivers develop a good sense of how fast or slow they are driving (am not using the word moving deliberately).

Mistakes most drivers (new drivers, experienced drivers ) do to learn speed management.

  1. Relying on speed meter to see how fast they are going.
  2. Relying too much on brakes to be able to slow down the vehicles they are driving.
  • just ease up on the acceleration and the vehicle begins to decelerate.
  1. Look well ahead and anticipate. Be keen to see

a. Pedestrian crossing.
b. Junctions
c. Bends
d. Bus stops
e. Joining lanes/exit lanes
f. Traffic lights

  1. Easing on the accelerator

a. Makes efficient consumption on fuel
b. Tires and brakes

  1. Always signal cars behind your softly with your brake lights.


  1. Drive while maintaining a safe and constant speed.
  2. Scan for potential hazard ( possibly children playing and coming un announced.

Road safety is a message of love and only those who have true love will share it with you.

Let’s make our roads a safer place for all road users.

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