We have different categories of pedestrians
1. Children
2. Elderly
3. Physically challenged
5. Joggers

All are vulnerable and need our assistance. Especially school children. Be on the look out for them.

Remember they may come at elements of suprise.

1. Reduce your speeds to the required speed limit or drive below required speeds in school zones or residential areas.

2. Be very careful especially in areas where you may have opaque objects or vehicles that hide pedestrian walk paths. They are worst blindspots.

3. Pedestrian awareness and education should now be all over schools, radio programmes, tv programmes, school and public lectures. The more common it becomes the more awareness created and the best we learn our roles.

4. Pedestrian visibility – more education on wearing bright clothing or even wearing reflective straps. This puts the pedestrian at a better place of being seen.

5. Parent or guardian responsibility on child road safety. If you happen to know that your child needs to cross the road then its your responsibility to ensure that they cross safely under the help of a road Marshall or with you.

Road safety is a message of love and only those who have true love will share it with you.

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