A red light attached to the rear of a motor vehicle that lights up when the brakes are applied, serving as a warning to following drivers

¬≠Brake lights serve a simple but important function — they warn drivers behind you when you’re slowing down. Have you ever been stuck behind a car that has faulty brake lights? Your frustration level can hit the roof as you’re trying to predict when this driver is about to brake or turn since his lights aren’t working. Or perhaps, his brake lights stay on indefinitely and you must stay a few cars’ lengths behind since you have no idea what maneuver he’ll be performing next. Without functioning brake lights, the incidence of rear-end collisions would certainly be much higher.

If one of your brake lights goes out, hopefully your first clue isn’t a cop pulling you over to let you know. If one of them does go out, you can probably fix it yourself if you know a little something about brake light wiring.

Always test your brake lights more often to make sure you are certain they work

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