My name is Owuor Otet, founder of Road Safety And Safe Driving Practices. Road safety is a message of love shared with like-minded people. It is my happiness that all road user will be safe on the roads, returning to their loved ones. Future generations should experience safer roads, this has to start with a character change now. I am trained and certified personnel in road safety, adding to my over ten years of experience in my field and on the road. I major in

1. Controlling exposure related to driving hazards.

2. Building an effective journey management process.

3.Understanding employer road safety obligations.

4.Road safety and safe driving as a course.

5.Driver behaviour and interactions.

6. Traffic signs and road marks.

7. Investigating motor vehicle incidents and accidents.

8. Aggressive driving.

9. Safe driving and defensive driving.

10.Driver behaviour and passenger roles

11.Highway code.

12.Road safety and road safety talk

Tel: 0728065009

Everyone has a story

Mine is a story on road safety…

Road safety is a message of love and only those who have true love will share it with you.

We all have a role to play on road safety. It is an individual responsibility and at the same time it a collective responsibility.

Let’s make our roads a safer place for all road users